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Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation

There are plenty of things to consider when picking out a new furnace. How much will it cost? What kind of furnace will keep us warm and is very efficient? We are here to help through the whole Furnace Installation. RL Norman Heating and Cooling has the experience to guide you to the right furnace for your heating system. We know that price can be an issue so we offer financing options. Our staff knows that the wrong furnace installed for your system to save a few dollars today will ultimately cost you more money in the long run.

We won’t let you make the mistake of choosing your furnace according to the brand, price, or availability without knowing features and how they work. The size is the most important factor when deciding on your furnace.  A furnace that is too small will have to work harder and longer to heat the air in your home.  “Bigger is better” works for many decisions but not HVAC.  When your system is too large, there are large swings in temperature, and it costs more to operate.

HVAC Systems have advanced in technology so much over the past 15 years.  Now there are High SEER and extremely efficient systems that have longer smoothly cycles.  The longer cycles filter more air and reduce short cycles which cause higher energy consumption.

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Reasons to replace your furnace:

Replace your furnace

The cost of repairs is near 50% of the cost of a replacement
Your furnace requires frequent repairs.
Home has Humidity problems
Expired Warranty
High dust and low air quality problems
The furnace is more than 15 years old, or the heat pump than 10 years old

We the time comes and you have to replace your furnace, think about adding our maintenance plan to keep your new system running smoothly.  We include Furnace Tune-ups in our maintenance plans.  Every year it is important that you have your furnace serviced by an HVAC Professional.  Regular maintenance will extend the life of the unit and reduce repairs that will be needed.