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Furnace Repair


If there’s one thing Indiana knows it’s a cold winter. Harsh winters demand a dependable furnace keeping your home warm. The master technicians at RL Norman Heating and Cooling work to ensure you stay warm. If your furnace quits on you call us and we’ll be there to get you back on track.

Our EPA Certified furnace technicians are equipped to handle any unique challenge from your heating system. When you need your heater repaired, that’s not a time you want to experiment with any HVAC company. Call us today to handle your furnace repairs.

You need to KNOW that your HVAC company has the expertise to come out and properly diagnose and fix your furnace the first time.

At RL Norman, we are experts at heater repair, and we’ve got the proven track record to back up that statement.

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Crawfordsville Heating Repair Services

Crawfordsville Heater Repair

Need Furnace Repair in Crawfordsville? Call Us!

Problems with your heating system can be frustrating.  More so if your unit is fairly new. Don’t give up on your heater or furnace, seek professional help from RL Norman Heating and Cooling. We can quickly come to your location and inspect any problem you are having with your heating system. Most of the time, your unit just needs some minor repairs from an HVAC professional to get back to running smoothly. We highly recommend staying on top of heater repairs which can be much more cost effective than replacing your whole furnace!

Some of the most common problems we encounter:

Dirty or clogged filters – Your air filters are designed to prevent dust, pollen, and particulates from being circulated in your home. Most people do not realize that an air filter also helps keep your furnace operating efficiently. Furnaces don’t operate correctly when an air filter gets so dirty that it prevents the free-flow of air. This is an easy fix.  Replace your air filters regularly.  We recommend once every three months.

Thermostat malfunctioning – Your thermostat controls your furnace.  While your furnace might not fail because of your thermostat, it may not operate if your thermostat is malfunctioning.  It’s easy to troubleshoot your thermostat before assuming the furnace needs repair.

Ignition control problems – If you have a gas furnace it has a pilot light. If the pilot light or ignition system fails, a gas furnace will not ignite the burners, and no heat is produced.  Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up to ensure that this item is checked and prevent possible failures

Air circulation problems – Your blower motor | If the blower motor or fan motor fails, your furnace cannot circulate the warm air throughout your home. Even if your furnace is operating at 100% it needs the blower motor for the warm air to circulate.

It is so important for regular and proper maintenance of your HVAC system. It will dramatically reduce furnace repairs or possible failures.  Regular maintenance will keep your furnace operating smoothly and efficiently.

Our furnace tune-up includes replacement of the furnace filter and a complete check of your entire HVAC System.